"The best Handpans on the planet.."

Graeme David - Stockholm, Sweden

"I've played a lot of the top-quality handpan's and the Oasis Sound Sculpture I have is truly a work of art. Every single note sparkles.. "

Michael Langdon - San Diego, California

I feel so incredibly blessed by my Oasis. It has been the source of so much healing in my life, not only for me, but all within earshot. It is as if the instrument has a healing presence of its own.

Reiki Master Marco Muhlbach - San Diego, California

I'm discovering new melodies and constantly surprising myself with the immense potential of this Handpan. I absolutely love it!

Austin Shrigley - Colorado, USA

"I manifest the best, and this handpan is the best, baby!"

David Allen Bacquet - Los Angelas, USA

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