Terms, Policy and Pricing

Oasis Pricing:

53cm Nitrided(Standard size shell):
8 note + ding = 2100
9 note + ding = 2200
8 note + ding = 2400 (low ding w large 1st perimeter notes)
9 note + ding = 2600 (low ding w large 1st perimeter notes)

-Stainless Steel: add + $50 per note


-Original Hang Size (50 cm) + $200


Kurd 9 + $100
D Kurd 9 + $200
C# Kurd 9 + $400
1/2 Step w G# or below + $200


-Bottom notes + $150 each

-Bottom Ding: $200
-Low bottom notes(Eb and lower) : $200
-Low Bottom ding(D3 and Below) : $250 each
-Eb5 - F5: $200
-Cyclops note - $150
-Mutant notes - $200 each
-Full Brassing (Top & Bot shell) - $100
-Dimple Brassing - $25


-Namana Backpack Carry case w protective shell insert, front pocket and embroidery is included

Evetak is available for additional $50

Terms / Agreements:

-By placing an order, you understand and accept that our instruments are completely hand-made and will take time. All instruments will be built in the order which they are received. 

-All custom orders require a $900.00 deposit before adding builds to the queue list.

-Completion time may take up to 3+ months of order depending on working capacity and number of existing orders in queue.

-International orders - you are responsible for any VAT or import fees.


Cancelation policy:

-There will be a cancellation fee of $125.

-If you cancel before the instrument has started the building process you will receive your deposit (minus $125).

-If you cancel after instrument has already started you will receive deposit (minus $125) *AFTER the instrument has been sold.

-Current estimated time to delivery is 3-6 months depending on queue size.

-By making a deposit, you understand and fully agree to these terms, no exceptions.


Final Payment Options:

-Venmo or Cashapp are preferred but PayPal via “Friends and Family“ option. If it is not “Friends and Family“ option PayPal will take 3% that will need to be made up for.

-Bank Transfer is also accepted.

-The “TransferWise” app is recommended.

-Shipping globally is available.