Learn How To Play

If you want to learn how to play the handpan and are seeking lessons, we highly recommend checking out MasterTheHandpan.com handpan courses! They offer a very unique and effective method to learning the handpan fast, so you can have the most fun with your Oasis Sound Sculpture!

David Cherrier has created an all-in-one method, especially for beginners, to quickly have fun with your handpan. This handpan school is growing fast with already more than 4,500 handpan players all around the world.

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Prefer private 1 on 1 lessons?

We have an incredible network of professional handpan musicians that love teaching either in-person or through Zoom!

Some of our teachers

Michael Langdon 
has a unique approach to teaching handpan. He loves to focus on dynamics and improvisation that is rooted in percussion techniques while building / combining emotional and striking melodies.

Interested in recording / mixing? Michael can also help you record your handpan music to launch your musical career!
Location: San Diego (North County)
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 Marco Muhlbach
tiptoes to all ends of emotional spectrum with intuitively designed handpan atmosphere to accentuate the essence of the moment. He regularly offers his handpan music during healing sessions, plant medicine ceremonies, and free form jam settings. Playing is a meditation, using his experience as a Reiki teacher, Marco will help you tap into the soul of your handpan to reveal spirits dance. 

Location: San Diego
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