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Handpan Dojo™ has helped thousands of players around the world.

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How Does it work?

Learn at your own pace

Once purchased, you have lifetime access to a course and can practice wherever and whenever you want.

Step by Step instructions

New techniques and musical ideas are first taught step-by-step and then integrated into a little composition. This way you expand your repertoire of music in a playful way while you practice.

30 day money back guarantee

We truly believe this program will help you level-up your playing skills. If you're not completely stoked, you have 30 days to change your mind.

Handpan Dojo Testimonials

- Kim Azulay - Israel

I absolutely adore this course and feel such a progress with my playing 🙏. It really gave me tools to develop my own creativity and have fun with the instrument, I highly recommend it to every Handpan player!

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- Michael Langdon - United States

I dove strait into the advance courses to challenge myself and boy, was I challenged. It was amazing to witness my playing change real time, to deepen my knowledge of rhythm and composition and understand how to write compositions more cohesively. David is truly masterful and his teaching technique has helped me so much in my journey.

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- Brent Weiss - United States

Its been really fun to learn how to play the handpan with Handpan Dojo. His courses are progressive which makes the integration of each lesson easier.

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Top 5 Handpan Grooves

Check out this amazing video explaining 5 different beats you can learn quickly and integrate into your handpan playing from Handpan Dojo™

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