Find Your Oasis

 Welcome to our custom order page. Here you will be able to watch various videos of instruments that we have created in order to get a feel for direction you'd like to take with placing an order for a fully customized Oasis Sound Sculpture.

To begin all builds we require a standard $900 deposit. Visit our 
Terms, Policy and Pricing page to understand our operations before placing your inquiry.

When you are ready to place your order or have any questions, please fill out the form at the bottom of this page.



Stainless Steel

Our new endeavor into the world of stainless is proving to be even more intoxicating than we had imagined.



Minor Scales

Minor scales have a wide variety of emotions from melancholy to sweet or even introspective. Minor scales are of the most popular chosen in the handpan community.


Major Scale 

Major scales tend to lead towards a feeling of happiness, sweet surrender and triumph. If you are looking for something that will surely bring a warm smile to your heart, any of these major scales are an excellent choice.



Spicy / Eastern

Spicy and eastern scales are found in traditional music from all around the world. Lots of different styles to play with which some may hold more 'tension' which lend a more cinematic appeal. 


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