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Welcome to our custom order page with various videos of instruments to help you get a feel for the direction you'd like to take with placing an order for a fully customized Oasis Sound Sculpture.

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Minor Scales

Minor scales are some of the most popular due to their dynamic emotional range.

Some would describe them as melancholy, mysterious, solemn with a warm embrace from nature.

Many of these scales have relative major scales within them which lends a beautiful ray of light within the dark, making the exploration of compositions enticing to the listener and rewarding to the player.

- Kurd / Annaziska / Celtic -

D Kurd 9
D) A Bb C D E F G A C

50cm D Kurd 16
D) (E) (F) (G) A Bb C D E F G A (Bb) C (D) (E)

D Kurd 16 Mutant
D) (F) (G) A Bb C D E F G A C D E (F) (G)

C# Annaziska 8
C#) G# A B C# D# E F# G#

C# Annaziska 16 'Kintsugi'
C#) (D#) (E) (F#) G# A B C# D# E F# G# (A) B (C#) (D#)

C# Annaziska 16 Ember Steel
C#) (E) (F#) G# A B C# D# E F# G# (A) B (C#) (D#) (E)

D Celtic 9
D) A C D E F G A C D

50cm D Celtic + Bb
D) A (Bb) C D E F G A C

D Celtic 13
D) (F) (G) A (Bb) C D E F G A C D

- Pygmy / Low Pygmy -

F# Low Pygmy 18
(D) (E) F#) G# A (B) C# (D) E F# G# A (B) C# (D) E F# G#

50cm D Pygmy 15
D) (E) (F) G A Bb (C) D (E) F G A Bb (C) D

B Pygmy 15 'Kintsugi'
B) (C#) (D) E F# G (A) B (C#) D E F# G (A) B

F2 Low Pygmy 14
F2) (C) (Eb) (F) G Ab C Eb F G Ab C Eb (F)

E Pygmy 15 Stainless
E) (F#) (G) A B C (D) E (F#) G A B C (D) E

C# Low Pygmy 15 'Kintsugi'
C#) D# E (F#) G# (A) B C# D# E (F#) G# (A) (B) (C#)

- La Sirena -

A2 La Sirena 15 'Kintsugi'
A2) (B2) C (D) E F# G A B C (D) (E) (F#) (G) (A)

E Low Sirena
E) F# G B C# D E F# G B

Eb La Sirena 15 'Kintsugi'
Eb) (F) Gb (Ab) Bb C Db Eb F Gb (Ab) Bb (C) (Db) (Eb)

50cm D Kurdorian
D) A B C D E F G A

- Voyager -

Bb Voyager 11
Bb) Db F (G) Ab Bb C Db (Eb) F Ab

E Voyager 14
E) G (A) B (C) (C#) D E F# G (A) B D E

D Voyager 9
D) F A C D E F A C D

- Witching hour / Ursa Minor -

E Ursa Hour 14
E) (F#) G (A) B C (D) E F# G A B (C) D

E Ursa Hour 9
E) G B C E F# G A B D

- Equinox -

D Equinox 14
D) (E) F (G) A Bb C D E F (G) A C (D)

Major Scales

Major Scales are shimmering, bright, and happy. If you could listen to a smile, a major scale would likely be the culprit.

Bolstering a beautiful range of emotions, one could describe the different moods of major scales as visionary, poppy, happy, vibrant, peaceful, dreamy.

- Aegean, Nordlys, Golden Gate -

C Aegean 17 'Kintsugi'
C) (D) E (F#) G (A) B C (D) E F# G (A) B (C) (D) E)

50cm Eb Aegean 17 ‘Kintsugi’
Eb ) (F) G (A) Bb (C) D Eb (F) G A Bb (C) D (Eb) (F) G

Bb Aegean 10
Bb) (C) D F A Bb D E F A

A2 Dark Aegean 11
A) D (E) F (G) A Bb D E F A

Gb2 Nordlys 15
Gb2) (Bb) (Db) (F) Gb Ab Bb C Db F Ab C (Db) (F) (Ab)
$4900 (2 bottom dings)
$4950 (3 bottom dings)
$5000 (3 bottom dings & 2 top dings - Ayasa version)

C Copperfield 10 aka Golden Gate
(C) E G B C D F# G B E

- SaBye / Ashakiran -

E SaBye
(C#) E (G#) A B C# D# E F# G# B C#

50cm Eb SaBye 16 'Kintsugi'
Eb) (F) (G) Ab Bb C D Eb F G (Ab) Bb (C) (D) (Eb) (F)

E Sabye 14
(C#) E) (G#) A B C# D# E F# G# B C# D# E

C Ashakiran 17 "Kintsugi"
C) (D) (E) F G A B C D E (F) G (A) (B) (C) (D) (E)
(with 2 bottom dings add $100)

Raga Desya Todi

50cm Eb Raga Desya Todi
Eb) G Bb C D Eb F G Bb


Spicy scales are commonly 'harmonic' minors. Musicians often turn to the harmonic minor scale to infuse their compositions with an exotic, Middle Eastern, or Spanish flair. The augmented second interval between the sixth and seventh degrees adds a touch of spice, making it a favorite for creating dramatic and memorable melodies.

- Hijaz / Saladin / Tarznauyn -

C# Hijaz 16
C#) (F) (F#) G# (A) B C# D F F# G# (A) B C# (D) (F)

50cm Eb Hijazz 9
Eb) Bb Db Eb E G Ab Bb Db Eb

D Hijaz 13
D) (F#) (G) A (Bb) C D Eb F# G A C D

D Saladin 9
D) G A C D Eb F# G A C

C# Tarznauyn 16
C#) (F) (F#) G# A B C# D F F# G# (A) B (C#)(D)(F)

C# Harmonic Lora 15 ‘Natural Minor Variant’
C#) (E) (F#) G# A (B) C C# D# E F# G# (B) (C) C#

- Onoleo / Lonoleo -

B Lonoleo 9
B) E F# G B D# E F# G B

50cm Lonoleo 9
D) G, A, Bb, D, F#, G, A, Bb, D

- Hokkaido -

C# Hokkaido 14
C#) (E) F# G# A B C# D (E) F# G# (A) (B) (C#)

Deposit to enter queue is $1000 or 30% for instruments over $3400

Time from Deposit to delivery is approximately 5-6 months

Shipping is not included in price. Worldwide shipping is available

When you are ready to place your order or have any questions, please fill out the form at the bottom of this page.

53cm (Standard size shell):

8 note + ding = 2550
9 note + ding = 2700
8 note + ding = 2850 (low ding w large 1st perimeter notes)
9 note + ding = 3100 (low ding w large 1st perimeter notes)
Low Ding = C#3 and lower on 53cm & Eb and lower on 50cm-

Original Hang Size (50 cm) add + $200

Notes that will not work on each shell:
53cm impedance Bb4 & F#5
50cm impedance B4 & G5

-Namana backpack carry case with embroidery and front pocket is included in price.
-Evatek is available for an additional $50

-Namana backpack with hard-shells (Hardcase Backpack) is available for an extra $150 

Kurd 9 + $100
D Kurd 9 + $200
C# Kurd 9 + $400
1/2 Step w G# or below + $200

-Cyclops note : $200
-Mutant notes : $250 each 
-High notes w 5th (Eb5 - F5) : $250
-Pure tones F#5 and up : $200
-Bottom notes(F3 - D5) + $200 each
-Low bottom notes(E3, Eb3, D3) : $250
-Low bottom notes(C#3, C3) : $300
-Low bottom notes(B2, Bb2) : $350
-Low bottom notes(A2, Ab2) : $400
-Bottom Ding: add $50
-Bottom Ding B2 and below: add $100
-Ding and Dimple Brassing - $50
-Full Brassing (Top & Bot shell) - $100