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Bb Aegean 10

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Welcome to our custom order page with various videos of instruments to help you get a feel for the direction you'd like to take with placing an order for a fully customized Oasis Sound Sculpture.

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Kurd - Celtic - Annaziska


D Kurd 16 Mutant
D) (F) (G) A Bb C D E F G A C D E (F) (G)

50cm D Kurd 15
D) (F) (G) A Bb C D E F G A (Bb) (C) (D) (E)

F Kurd
F) (Ab) (Bb) C Db Eb F G Ab Bb C Eb

D Celtic 9
(D) A, C, D, E, F, G, A, C

C# Annaziska
C#) (E) (F#) G# A B C# D# E F# G# (A) B (C#) (D#) (E)

Pygmy - Low Pygmy

-Pygmy is a classic Hang scale known for its ever flowing mysterious and contemplative energy created by the ding being the 5th of the mode around the circle.

-Low Pygmy By using the bottom notes available, you will find the traditional Pygmy handpan scale being played in the performance first. Traditional Pygmy has the ding as the fifth of the mode that is placed around the circle. This looks like 5) 1 2 3 5 7 1 2 3 5. What’s interesting here is if we play the ding as the root we have a mode that looks more like”1) 4 5 6 1 3 4 5 6 1”. This is why the vibe of the traditional Pygmy handpan scale feels more mysterious than the savory “Low Pygmy” due to the 1, 4, 5, 6 relationship.

B Pygmy 15 'Kintsugi'
B) (C#) (D) E F# G (A) B (C#) D E F# G (A) B

F2 Low Pygmy
F2) (C)(Eb) F G Ab C Eb F G Ab (C)

F Low Pygmy 13
(Db) (Eb) F) G Ab C Eb F G Ab C Eb (F)

C# Low Pygmy 15 'Kintsugi'
C#) D# E (F#) G# (A) B C# D# E (F#) G# (A) (B) (C#)

50cm D Pygmy 9 432Hz
D) G A Bb D F G A Bb D

La Sirena - Low Sirena

-La Sirena (Dorian Mode) is a modified minor scale with a slight major character. This scale is dreamy and slightly jazzy. It's very fun to play because of playful character and sweet embrace.

-Low Sirena is a mix between Low Pygmy and La Sirena. Hence the title “Low Sirena”

A2 La Sirena 15 'Kintsugi'
A2) (B2) C (D) E F# G A B C (D) (E) (F#) (G) (A)

Eb La Sirena 'Kintsugi'
Eb) (F) Gb (Ab) Bb C Db Eb F Gb (Ab) Bb (C) (Db) (Eb)

E Low Sirena
E) F# G B C# D E F# G B

Eb La Sirena 15 'Kintsugi'
Eb) (F) Gb (Ab) Bb C Db Eb F Gb (Ab) Bb (C) (Db) (Eb)


Voyager is one of the most popular favorites as far as handpan scales go. From novice to seasoned player this minor pentatonic has so many fun twists and turns it always feel like a never ending magic carpet ride.

Originally called Magic Hour it was first made by BellArt in D as a 7 note version. As the upper 7th of the scale key was added as an 8th tone around the ding the name was modified from Magic Hour to Magic Voyage. Many times now the 8 note version is just referred to as Voyager. Building it in the deep rich register of Bb has added a other worldly mystic vibe to the scales presence.

Bb Voyager 11
Bb) Db F (G) Ab Bb C Db (Eb) F Ab

E Voyager 14
E) G (A) B (C) (C#) D E F# G (A) B D E

D Voyager 9
D) F A C D E F A C D


-SaBye was originally given to us by Echo Sound Sculpture first made on the AsaChan in Switzerland. A beautiful and contemplative major holding many shades of emotion.

E SaBye
(C#) E (G#) A B C# D# E F# G# B C#

50cm Eb SaBye 16 'Kintsugi'
Eb) (F) (G) Ab Bb C D Eb F G (Ab) Bb (C) (D) (Eb) (F)

Harmonic Minor - Hijaz - Saladin - Tarznauyn

belongs to the spicy middle eastern Hijazz family of scales, also referred to as Phrygian Dominant. In addition to perfectly matching the Hijazz, it can also be played along with Raga Desh and Onoleo. The SalaDin was first made by Echo Sound Sculpture on the AsaChan.


C# Hijaz 16
C#) (F) (F#) G# (A) B C# D F F# G# (A) B C# (D) (F)

D Saladin 9
D) G A C D Eb F# G A C

C# Tarznauyn 16
C#) (F) (F#) G# A B C# D F F# G# (A) B (C#)(D)(F)

C# Harmonic Lora 15 ‘Natural Minor Variant’
C#) (E) (F#) G# A (B) C C# D# E F# G# (B) (C) C#

D Hijaz 13 432Hz
D) (F#) (G) A (Bb) C D Eb F# G A C D

Aegean - Golden Gate - Nordlys

-Golden Gate
is a wistful major, filled with golden light and the yearning of two major seventh chords. The low E on the tone circle acts as a second tonal center, allowing modulation from E minor to C major(Lydian). Traditionally the Golden Gate only included 7 notes in the tone circle and the name Copperfield was given when the first 8 note version was made for the famous magician David Copperfield and included the upper B4 to complete the E minor of the circle. Here we have the 9 note with the E5 at the top.

C Aegean 17 'Kintsugi'
C) (D) E (F#) G (A) B C (D) E F# G (A) B (C) (D) E)

Bb Aegean 10
Bb) (C) D F A Bb D E F A

A2 Dark Aegean
A) D (E) F (G) A Bb D E F A

$4800 (No Bottom dings)

Gb2 Nordlys 15
Gb2) (Bb2) (Db) (F) Gb Ab Bb C Db F Ab C (Db) (F) (Ab)

$4900 (2 bottom dings)
$4950 (3 bottom dings)
$5000 (3 bottom dings & 2 top dings)

C Copperfield aka Golden Gate
(C) E G B C D F# G B E


-Hokkaido, an ancient Japanese mode. It is a minor scale but has a flat 2 and no minor 3 present so it gives it this mysterious spicy lift. Such a favorite of mine to play. This one came out exceptionally juicy. Especially in the lower C# register

C# Hokkaido 14
C#) (E) F# G# A B C# D (E) F# G# (A) (B) (C#)

Deposit to enter queue is $1000 or 30% for instruments over $3400

Time from Deposit to delivery is approximately 5-6 months

Shipping is not included in price. Worldwide shipping is available

When you are ready to place your order or have any questions, please fill out the form at the bottom of this page.

53cm (Standard size shell):

8 note + ding = 2550
9 note + ding = 2700
8 note + ding = 2850 (low ding w large 1st perimeter notes)
9 note + ding = 3100 (low ding w large 1st perimeter notes)
Low Ding = C#3 and lower on 53cm & Eb and lower on 50cm-

Original Hang Size (50 cm) add + $200

Notes that will not work on each shell:
53cm impedance Bb4 & F#5
50cm impedance B4 & G5

-Namana backpack carry case with embroidery and front pocket is included in price.
-Evatek is available for an additional $50

-Namana backpack with hard-shells (Hardcase Backpack) is available for an extra $150 

Kurd 9 + $100
D Kurd 9 + $200
C# Kurd 9 + $400
1/2 Step w G# or below + $200

-Cyclops note : $200
-Mutant notes : $250 each 
-High notes w 5th (Eb5 - F5) : $250
-Pure tones F#5 and up : $200
-Bottom notes(F3 - D5) + $200 each
-Low bottom notes(E3, Eb3, D3) : $250
-Low bottom notes(C#3, C3) : $300
-Low bottom notes(B2, Bb2) : $350
-Low bottom notes(A2, Ab2) : $400
-Bottom Ding: add $50
-Bottom Ding B2 and below: add $100
-Ding and Dimple Brassing - $50
-Full Brassing (Top & Bot shell) - $100