Oasis Sound Sculpture

E Ursa Hour 9

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This is Oasis #69

E Ursa Hour 9
E) G B C E F# G A B D

Material: Nitrided Steel

Here we have a combination of the Witching Hour and Ursa Minor. With the addition of the 4th, in this case the A, we turn the Witching hour into a Ursa Version.

In turn, by adding the lower 3rd to the Ursa, we enter the Magic Hour/Witching Hour vibes hence the name here.

We build this with great appreciation for Colin Foulke's twist on the Magic Hour and birthing the Witching Hour. And of course Pantheon Steel for giving us Ursa Minor.

From their description:

“A dark, seductive, and velvety minor, with a delicious tension in the lowest notes of the tone circle. Closely related to Xiao Xiong Diao(Little Bear), Kurd, and Hijaz. The name ("little bear", aka the constellation also known as the Little Dipper ) was chosen with thoughts of twinkling winter stars. A dark gem.” (Pantheon Steel)

Includes professional quality case from Namana Bags.

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