Oasis Sound Sculpture

B Pygmy 15 'Kintsugi' Stainless

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Oasis #81 - B Pygmy 15 'Kintsugi' (Fully Diatonic) Stainless

B) (C#) (D) E F# G (A) B (C#) D E F# G (A) B

The top shell holds the B Pygmy 9. Pygmy is a classic Hang scale known for its ever flowing mysterious and contemplative energy. With the triple octave as the 9th note we add rays of light and complete the E Pygmy mode set around the tone circle. The bottom shell fills in the cracks of B natural minor to complete the climb that is based off the center ding of B2 up to B4.

We like to call this ‘Kintsugi’ Kintsugi:

The Japanese art of pouring gold into the cracks and fissures of broken pottery to not only repair the piece but to display the mend as a part of the objects beauty.